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 Club and Combine average speed winner. My birds win out of turn. I have Schofield pigeons that go back 50 years and this bloodline still wins combines, futurities,and still the best long distance blood around.
 Last Updated on 6/5/2014
 Peter Van Osch Racing Pigeons
 Last Updated on 12/29/2008
 Featuring Ooievaar Tourniers, Steven Van Breemen (Desmet-Matthis, Doc Piaget Tourniers and Nick Corini Huysken Van Riels.Great birds and fun, interactive website
 Last Updated on 12/19/2006
 We invite you to browse through this web site and see what we have to offer. Most of the information which follows can also be found in a paper edition of our catalog, which we would be happy to send you at your request. However, because the paper edition comes out only once a year, this web site will always contain the most up to date information about Hackemer Lofts.
 Last Updated on 2/18/2002
 Hans Family Loft is a father-son partnership consisting of Jon Hans (age 47) and Matt Hans (age 21). Jon flew pigeons as a teenager, and many years later rejoined the sport in 1996, with Matt becoming involved the following year in 1997. Success was immediate winning the first Race we flew in 1996, placing 1st, 2nd , and 3rd, winning by a substantial margin. The rest of the year was very unsuccessful as we had no experience, and we were flying and breeding from birds that had been given to us by a couple of other club members. The birds that we had were actually very good and carried us strong for a year, but they lacked the ability to dominate, as they were essentially not any better genetically than the competition.
 Last Updated on 3/25/2002
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