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 We race what we sell! Where one of the best Janssen Lofts in the North America, were also the Exclusive Agent for 5 TOP JANSSEN LOFTS in Holland! Where the only loft that posts and can document what our breeders have produced! We have the best YB Race Record in Northern Utah for over 11 years!
 Last Updated on 1/10/2004
 Jerry Thomas' Web Site.
 Last Updated on 2/23/2002
 This site has everything about fancy pigeons. I have Indian Fantails, Starling Pigeons, Fancy Tumblers, Southern Monks, Priests, Saints, and many more. This site is really great for all pigeon breeders.
 Last Updated on 6/9/2004
 Pair the Best with the Best. Winning pigeons breed winning pigeons. All my birds are personally selected by me from only Winners throughout the US and Europe. I travel to Europe two times a year to buy birds that have outstanding race records. From 1994 to 1999, my birds have had 32 X 1st and 4 Combine wins. When you select the best of your Race Team and pair them for breeding, you breed Winners.
 Last Updated on 6/21/2002
 Smeulders Janssens Koopman
 Last Updated on 7/3/2009
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