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Created: 11/2/2002    Updated: 11/2/2002

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Info   Fred, The IPigeon internet auction and birds that I have gottenfrom Protégé Loft have given my stock loft depth beyond what I had hoped for.Late in the year 2000 I purchased a Super Crack Crusson cock that has become mynumber one breeding cock. He has bred winners and diploma birds at a highpercentage. I would say that 3 out of every 4 of his offspring score. Prepotent? YES !!! His daughter has produced an equal first concourse already this year.I believe that I payed $500 for him and he is worth 10 times that. Since myfirst purchase, I have studied the auction list each and every week and havepurchased many more. They can’t be all good but I would say that 75-80% of whatI have purchased have made an impact. One Ludo hen posted by Protégé II lofts hasbred me 4 diplomas including an equal first this year. Just this past week, Igot 4 in a drop to take the first 4 places in our concourse ( I am not flyingthe dark system ) and all 4 can trace their parents back to IPigeon. I could goon and on but I just want to say thanks for establishing this website. Healthybirds and quality equals a winning loft. Rusty Williams

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