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Created: 12/1/2002    Updated: 12/1/2002

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Q   I'm a member of the Great River Flyers pigeon club located in Monticello Minnesota, and i was curious about posting our clubs link in your clubs/combines category. I would have done this already, but there is no Minnesota Category (two Marylands), I just figured i'd bring this to your attention.

Also, I recently bought Sandi (St Rocks chocolate hen) from you, and she is sure a nice bird, i can't wait until janruary so i can see some youngsters off of her. Keep up the good work on the site, it's great, and not to mention that it's clearly the best pigeon auction site on the internet. Thanks. Dan Labo

A   Thanks Dan for bringing the missing Minnesota to our attention. It is fixed now.

And thank you for your comments about our Auction Site. They are greatly appreciated.

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