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Created: 11/19/2004    Updated: 11/19/2004

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Info   Thanks Fred, You are prompt. Always a good experience doing business with you. My YB Season went quite well. Swept all the year end awards in my 17 loft club. 'Bird of the Year" was a daughter of the 1484 hen out of Aladin-Adonis that Kenny flew so well.She (1484) actually bred 3 of my birds scoring in the top 5%. i rerquire a YB to score in the top 5% in at least one race at the combine or association level to earn a perch on the OB team. I flew two teams (72 birds) I know thats a lot, but hey, this is Texas and somebody has to feed the hawks. Of the 72, 40 performed at the 5% level or better. Many had multiple qualifying races. The Champion bird ,Rad Rocket 118, had three. At the Combine level, I took High Average Speed and 2nd Champion Loft. In the Association, 2nd High Average Speed and 3rd Champion Loft with 78 flyers. Many of my breeders were purchased "sight unseen" on iPigeon Auctions. It has definitely proven to be an arena whereby a Fancier can acquire birds that will get the job done especially when the principals of animal husbandry are adhered too. Again thanks for all your help and all you do for the industry with ipigeon Auctions. Best, Jerry Soignier

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