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Created: 1/4/2005    Updated: 1/6/2005

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Q   Don't quite understand the Flash Buy. The starting bid is 150 but flash buy is 250. Can I bid 150. If I click on Flash Buy, can I still bid 150.00?

A   This feature is active when you see the FLASHBUY icon and verbiage. It will also tell you the amount that you must bid in order to buy the item. The seller will determine if they want to take advantage of this feature and will also determine the price. DO NOT BID on the item. You must CLICK the FLASHBUY icon. In order to implement this feature, a reserve amount must also be set. It is the way the software works. Ipigeon will set the reserve price/bid to the opening bid so that if the item is bid as an auction item, the first bid will ensure its sale. Once a Bid is placed on an item, the Flash Buy icon will disappear. The item will then go into the normal bidding process.

Transmitted: 12/11/2018 9:49:01 PM