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Created: 9/2/2002    Updated: 9/2/2002

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Info   Fred.......Just a note to let you know the results of some of the birds you sent me. Yesterday we had a 140 mile AU race. I am not privy to the combine results yet, But won the race with one of the birds you sent me. A beautiful mealy (brn bar). GSC 0529 (my band) Others were also in the top 15 of the club including some of the Mex birds 146333 was in the top 20. This was my first race of the season because I missed the last week due to health. Now the members are thanking me for not flying last week. Wouldn't ya know it. In jest I am sure. Thank You for sending such quality birds that show true grit and perseverance. Will keep you posted ... For our sport. John Cline GSC

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