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Racing Pigeon Auctions

Auction Rules for iPigeon.com
  1. Become a registered user of the site by completing our easy-to-follow registration form. Click "Register" on the navigation bar on any page to register. Once you have completed the registration and clicked the Submit button you will be emailed your temporary password. Use this to logon to the auction and IMMEDIATELY change the password to something you can remember. The best thing is that registration is absolutely FREE!
  2. Auction Rules:
    1. Bids are processed in order received. Bids are processed immediately.
    2. Tie bids will be awarded to the first submission based on the server clock.
    3. All items have a minimum bid or reserve.
    4. The starting bid must be equal to or greater than the stated minimum bid. Starting bids equal to the minimum, will be posted at the minimum. Starting bids greater than the minimum, will be posted as the amount bid unless the "Proxy" feature is used. The Proxy feature is an optional feature which allows you to place an upper limit bid on an item. This way you do not have to be present to raise your bid to the next acceptable bid level should someone else outbid you. If someone outbids you, the Proxy acts as your agent and raises your bid to the next bid increment above the new bidder. This will continue until your Proxy limit is reached. Your Proxy always wins in the event that someone ties your upper limit bid.
    5. You may increase your bid at any time before auction closing. You can increase your Proxy at any time before auction closing as long as your new Proxy is greater that the Current High Bid. However, the auction will only recognize one of yours bids at a time for each item in the auction. For example, the submission of a standard bid will cancel any previous Proxy.
    6. The winning bidder will be the highest bid received prior "bid closing".
    7. The Server clock is the final arbiter of the "bid closing".
    8. The hammered price will be equal to the high bid. The item will be awarded to the winning bidder at the hammered price.
    9. The final results of the auction will be published on the site shortly after auction closing.
    10. Winning bidders will be notified and their charge cards processed immediately. There are no charges for the use of credit cards. Credit cards will not be charged until after the auction has closed. Invalid credit cards or failure to make payment will result in either the next highest bidder being the winner or the item to be auctioned again.
    11. Sellers are required to ship item within 3 days of the auction end. If your credit card is denied, you will be charged an additional $5.00 for processing fees. This will also impact when shipment is made and may cancel the sale, if you refuse to make an alternate payment or refuse to answer our calls and/or email to you.
    12. Buyer pays shipping on a per seller basis at a rate of $50 for the first bird and $10 for each additional bird. This shipping will be added to the final bid. Buying more than one bird from the same seller will reduce the shipping cost. No money is made by the auction site or the seller on shipping charges.
    13. Seller warrants that all information he has posted about himself or the bird is accurate.
    14. Seller will ship to the buyer in a timely manner, using good quality boxes, and including the required documentation or pedigrees.
    15. The auctioneer has the absolute discretion to determine the winning bidder; to cancel the sale or re-offer and resell any disputed item.
  3. LIVE and ONLINE Auctions! Any Category marked with the words "Live and OnLine" will be closed on the day specified. The Closing Time will vary and each auction item will close based on the Live Auction. The Closing Time specified on the Auction Item is not the actual Closing time. Place ProxyBids on these items as they will close at any time on the date specified.
  4. Place your bid! Once you have selected the item you want to bid on, enter your unique customer id and password. You can even place an Proxy if you like. The Proxy feature allows you to place your maximum acceptable bid for this item. This way, your bids will be automatically increased to the next acceptable bid increment should someone outbid your initial bid. Also, the Proxy always wins in the event that someone ties your maximum acceptable bid!
         When outbid, you will be sent an email message as soon as someone overbids you. You can also track ALL your bids by clicking "Manage your auctions" on the Membership page. You need to logon to view this page. It's an easy way to see your progress without having to go to every item bid page.
  5. Previewing Bids and Deleting Bids! As you place your bid on an auction item, before your bid is processed, a page is displayed showing your current bid and your Proxy Bid. If you did not enter a Proxy Bid amount, the system will display your current bid in the Proxy bid field. This way you will have the opportunity to change your mind if you want by using the BACK function of your Browser. This feature has been added for your convenience and to eliminate the deleting of bids placed in error. Now you will have to confirm your bids.
         From time to time a mistake will be made. If that occurs, please email us. Bids placed in the last three (3) hours of the auction will not be deleted.


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Good luck and enjoy iPigeon.com!