Zhou Dafu to join the International Platinum Association praised the true beauty of modern women

        Shenzhen, November 26, 2015 - the rise of great powers, realize the dream China, needs to have the spirit of modern women: they are advocating self pursuit of a dream; their strong independence, the courage to do; they equal tolerance, advocating harmonious coexistence of the two.

        platinum, as an eternal existence of the mysterious material, carrying a lot of value: pure, rare, eternal, tough. These values can be used to define modern women. Zhou Dafu and PGI® (the International Platinum Association) appreciate the attitude of modern women, support them to do the most authentic self. Be True. Be You. advocated the idea of birth.

Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts student works show
        Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts was invited to design the new generation of China modern women to build with their life attitude and platinum jewelry, adhering to explore the possibility of creating original platinum art, by divine inspiration, to pay tribute to the eternal beauty. Zhou Dafu joined PGI® (PGI) 26 this month, held a "I love my true platinum woman" activities in Shenzhen Zhou Dafu group building, site selection of "platinum art" and "platinum commercial potential" two awards. PGI® (PGI) China district director general manager Mr. Gao Weicheng, Zhou Dafu Jewelry Group brand director Mr. Chen Yibang, Tsinghua University professor Tang Xuxiang of Academy of Fine Arts teachers and the 150 spectators participated in the contest.

Yuan Chunran won the platinum Art AwardMr. Gao Weicheng, President of

Li Tianqing won the platinum business potential awardThe Zhou Dafu Jewelry Group brand director Mr. Chen Yibang         ELLE world fashion house as an authoritative media leading modern women's lives, also invited to attend the event. Hearst China group general manager of ELLE brand Dodo Ms. Yeung came to share the latest release of "I love my true" research results, analysis of the current status of women's self cognition, and brand association and senior in followed by the forum to discuss how to motivate them to become "platinum woman", and what kind of products can meet the platinum their true beauty and sincere love needs.

I love my true platinum woman event guests photoAbout Zhou Dafu and