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        to the person we love, we tend to be eccentric. In fact, the craftsmen in the watch design will be eccentric". However, the wrist and the reasons for eccentric different. Sometimes in order to create a unique visual effect makes the watch more attractive, sometimes to the placement of more mechanical function makes the watch function more powerful, but sometimes in order to satisfy people's curiosity to add a full appeal to watch...... Due to the value of the "eccentric" watch is different from the traditional watch, giving people a new sense of enjoyment. Watch home editor today recommended three eccentric watch, in the face of the value and function are relatively good, like the eccentric elements of the table friends who want to miss the tens of millions!

glashutte original arts and crafts series 1-90-02-42-32-05 Watch

watch series: Art and craft
type: automatic mechanical movement case material: stainless steel case diameter: 40 mm

comment: watch the moon, mistress needle design, large date display window, is the first to show us the function of wrist watch. Guerra Souty original watches with their own elegant, good design patterns and precise time to win the table friends. Like this watch, the steel case with Louisiana crocodile strap, classic, hale and hearty. White 40 mm dial, the design of the eccentric small needle charm. Narrowing the pointer area". Moon phase and date display window for dial outside the original design style, clever layout. Give enough space to make the dial beautiful, highlighting the man's wisdom and elegant demeanor.

J007030242 watch

yakedeluo big clock series

watch series: second hand movement type: automatic machinery case material: stainless steel case diameter: 43 mm
Comment: the same

watch design style is the mistress of the needle will hand and hand dial "shrink", the second disc "zoom". The silver watch dial showing a big Arabia number "8" avant-garde design novel, ingenious layout, very beautiful. Time dial in Rome as a time scale, highlighting the classic elegant temperament. Larger inside the second disc is the date indicator, to add a practical function for the watch. Large tracts of the remaining space to the classic, simple impression. Stainless steel case with black hand roll crocodile leather strap, comfortable, good texture. Watch show